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Blindside Publishing is now open to unsolicited, unagented submissions of novellas and novels. All single author collections will be read by solicitation only. Blindside Publishing is not presently interested in anthologies or chapbooks, though we very well may begin publishing limited edition chapbooks in the future. Anthologies, far less likely.
     Blindside Publishing seeks to become a publisher recognized for its catalogue of dark literary titles. Not horror, not mainstream, but a beautifully tragic blend thereof. We are open to new authors but will be giving more consideration to published, established writers with our first titles. New authors will have a better chance of scoring publication beginning later 2005 or into 2006.
     Blindside Publishing offers competitive royalties but is not offering advances at this time. All accepted manuscripts will be carefully proofed and edited (but this does not mean you should send unedited manuscripts -- make sure your novel(la) is edited thoroughly before submission; manuscripts that have clearly not been revised or edited will not be given honest consideration), submitted for review to many appropriate venues, and given solid artwork and presentation (don't fear cheap digital art expressions and haphazard lettering slapped on in a half hour's work; we are out to create a top-notch product in every sense, both physically and in script). But Blindside Publishing also expects its authors to help with the marketing of their books by attempting to arrange signings in their area (and Blindside Publishing will aid with this by telephoning and mailing copies and/or press releases to local bookstores where we can), soliciting reviews, and online word-of-mouth. That is not to say we expect the author to do all the leg-work, but we do appreciate effort on the author's part, a process that's necessary for any small press book to succeed. But let us stress we are not a vanity publisher and we will never ask the author for any sort of financial restitution for our marketing efforts, nor should you ever submit your manuscript to a publisher who does.
     We are currently reading full novella manuscripts in the 20,000 - 45,000 word range or excerpts of novel manuscripts (full synopsis and three chapters) from 45,000 words and up. We don't have a specific max word count at this time but we are not presently interested in publishing serials. We are also not interested in previously published material although you're welcome to query if you have a reprint in which you think we'd show interest.
     These are some things we like: period pieces; foreign settings; the subtly supernatural; lush atmosphere; character-driven (as opposed to plot-driven).
     These are some things we don't like (although this shouldn't discourage writers from submitting a manuscript that employs one or more of these characterists, it's merely a guideline, there are always exceptions): children as protagonists; anything futuristic or dependent upon technology; small town evil; any fictional non-human characters (vampires, werewolves, zombies, elves, fairies, aliens, Cthulhu, etc.); high fantasy; science fiction; humor; detective/cop crime mysteries; writers as protagonists; overuse of angels and/or demons as characters; gore for gore's sake; sex for sex's sake.
     Please submit all novellas in their entirety by e-mail as a DOC or RTF attachment to blindside@blindside.net with a cover letter that includes a brief synopsis of the manuscript, your previous publishing credits (or highlights thereof), and your contact information. Novellas may also be mailed to: Blindside Publishing, Jon Hodges, Editor, 1959 N. Peace Haven Rd., #217, Winston-Salem, NC 27106-4850.
     If submitting a novel manuscript of 45,000 words or more, please submit a full synopsis of the manuscript as well as the first three chapters along with your previous publishing credits (or highlights thereof) and your contact information. The synopsis and chapters should be sent as DOC or RTF attachments to blindside@blindside.net or mailed to: Blindside Publishing, Jon Hodges, Editor, 1959 N. Peace Haven Rd., #217, Winston-Salem, NC 27106-4850.
     Simultaneous submissions are allowed but we prefer if you let us know in your cover letter. No manuscripts previously published without first querying. Agented submissions are accepted but we gladly accept submissions from authors without representation. Please allow three months before querying on the status of your submission.
     Blindside Publishing also publishes a pocket-sized journal of dark literature, poetry, and art, Wicked Hollow Magazine, and interested contributors should check the website for submission guidelines.

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